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I’ve Moved!

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It was finally the right time to take that last big step toward becoming a “true” professional.  (Not that I wasn’t before…  But now I look the part too!)



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People I Know: Roxy “Balboa” Richardson

Roxy “Balboa” Richardson is a professional Muay Thai fighter, nutritional expert, and entrepreneur.  Starting out with the famous RoxyFit gym, she’s moved on to a bigger and better adventure with her new business: Function 5 Fitness.  In this interview, Roxy talks about how she got started, what’s next, and what you can do if you want to follow in her footsteps!

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

How I Know Roxy

I first met Roxy when I was working for the company behind Champions of Champions Elite.  I became a nearly instant fan girl (so much so that my co-workers teased me mercilessly).  I interviewed her a couple times since then.  I follow Roxy’s Blogs and adore her stances on nutrition (particularly when she points out the fact that soy is evil!–Something I myself have been touting for years).

It’s obvious that Roxy is a very “strong” woman (I don’t even know who’s reading this, but I’d say that she can probably kick your butt), but she’s also a woman.  By that I mean that she’s very feminine (she gushes about her boyfriend, talks about her cats, and isn’t afraid to wear a lil pink skirt).  She isn’t one of those women who feels they have to overcompensate.  You know the type: A woman pretending to be a “man” to be “tough.”  Roxy actually is tough.  She’s the REAL DEAL.  A legitimately strong woman, inside and out.  And I couldn’t admire her more for it.

Roxy and Kimura (the Function 5 Fitness gym cat!)

Roxy and Kimura (the Function 5 Fitness gym cat!)

My Interview with Roxy “Balboa” Richardson

What do you do?

I have a few titles and passions. I’m the type of person who loves work and loves to stay busy  I’m the co-owner of Function 5 Fitness where I am a personal trainer (ACE, CrossFit), Muay Thai coach, and nutritional counselor (FDN, CMTA).  In addition I write health and fitness articles and am expanding my business, Function 5 Health, to tour with my nutrition seminars. I’m also still an active professional Muay Thai fighter.

How did you start?

I started my interest in fitness and health because I got involved in Muay Thai fighting. I was 24 at the time, so this wasn’t my first career path, but I fell in love with the sport and wanted to make it my life. Since then I have developed a strong nerdy passion for all things fitness and holistic nutrition. I really wish I had gone to school for science (my degree is in communications and psychology). I’m really a very big geek now.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

I really enjoy working with people and seeing them progress. Watching a client reach their goals is incredibly rewarding. If make a 1% permanent change in someone’s life that’s awesome. I also enjoy the fact that part of my job as an athlete feels like play time to me.  I know fighters that don’t love training, but love to fight. I’m one of the ones that love the rigors and trials of daily training, the challenge fuels me.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into doing what you do?

If you want to be a trainer or gym owner make sure you LOVE it 100%. The work is constant, the energy required is more than you think and you are responsible for the well being of others . It’s not something you should attempt half-assed just because you want to support your acting gig on the side.  It’s a lifestyle – you have to want to live at the gym. Same goes for fighting.  Never do it because you want the money (there is little or none in the beginning) or it’s cool. Expect to pay more than you earn as an amateur fighter… and never make that money back fighting pro if you choose to fight Muay Thai as a sport. I fight because I have a fire in my that won’t let me sit on the bench. I have to get in there and keep at it, when that fire dies I’ll retire, but until then it brings me so much pleasure.

What’s next for you/your business?

I’m continuing to grow things here at F5 Fitness we are in our first year so there is lot of room for growth and every day is exciting. I’m looking forward to touring more with my nutrition seminars and also taking a fight in late summer or fall – but no firm details yet.

Roxy having a brief moment of relaxation

Roxy having a brief moment of relaxation


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Roxy Balboa straight right

I just LOVE this picture

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