Loving My Nook

29 Jun

Last Christmas, I was given what I consider “the best gift ever” (other than, you know, the gift of life…): A Nook from Barnes and Noble.  My Nook never ceases to impress and delight me.  I use it daily and I highly recommend it.  Why?  Strap in, Folks; this is going to be a long one!

I love my Nook

"I'm sorry, Honey; I'm leaving you for Nook..."

The Top 10 Things I Love About My Nook

  1. E-books are cheaper.  Even when they’re listed as the same price, e-books are actually cheaper because you don’t need to pay shipping!
  2. E-books don’t take up as much space.  I often like to think of just how HEAVY my Nook would be if all of the books in it were “real” books instead of e-books.  I’d need to buy a separate house just to shelve them all!
  3. Get books instantly.  A while back I needed to write a review on WordPress for Dummies.  The rub?  I didn’t actually own that book and the article was due that same week!  In the old days, this would have presented a real problem.  With my Nook, I was able to get the book instantly, read it, and write my review.
  4. Durable.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a total klutz.  I am so grateful that the Nook is so durable.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve dropped it (mostly because I have a habit of falling asleep with it).
  5. Super long battery life!  Like I said at the beginning of this entry, I use my Nook daily… But I only have to charge it once a week (sometimes less!)
  6. It reads PDF files.  This is one of the things that makes the Nook great for work as well as pleasure.  How many times has your boss sent you a PDF file to read?  I used to get terrible headaches trying to read page after page on my computer, but now I just load any PDF files I’m given onto my Nook (with no backlight and an anti-glare screen!) and I’m headache-free!
  7. Free books!  Just type in “0.00” into Barnes and Noble’s website search and you’ll have more choices for free literature than you’ll know what to do with!
  8. Memory space.  The Nook comes with 2GB of memory; however, you can add in an additional memory card for even MORE space.  (I have a 16GB memory card installed).
  9. Internet browser.  It’s not the best Internet browser…but does it really have to be?  It’s an e-reader!  If you want an Internet browser, use your computer (or your phone).  I adore this feature though.  It’s perfect for when I need to quickly check my e-mail (letters from my mom, work emergencies, etc) and don’t want to turn on my computer.  Or when I’m playing a computer game that takes up the full screen and don’t want to stop to check my e-mail.
  10. Great Customer Service.  On the occasions when I’ve had questions, I’ve always been provided with fantastic Customer Service.

Steff’s Thoughts

Steff loves Nook too!

Steff loves Nook too!

I know this is highly unusual, but, when I started talking about how great my Nook is, my best gal Steff Turner joined in on the Nook Love and dished about how great she thinks hers is.  We have the exact same model, but we use it in different ways.  Here are a few of her favorite Nook features:

  • Customizable with custom backgrounds.  Steff likes to use Nook-Look to make her Nook’s wallpaper extra cool.  The Nook itself is also customizable!  If you don’t like its original white, there are custom backs and frames you can buy.  Steff’s Nook is orange.
  • Supports audio books and music.  Steff says, “You can put audio books onto the Nook as long as they are in mp3 format. They will play in order, like a track listing on an album.  Many audio books come on CDs or can be downloaded and if they are not already in MP3 format, they can be converted easily.”
  • Games.  The Nook comes preloaded with Sodoku and chess.  Perfect for waiting around at the DMV!
  • Try before you buy.  Barnes and Noble lets you read excerpts of their books before you decide to buy one.
  • You can download books NOT from Barnes and Noble.  Unlike some e-readers who will remain nameless, the Nook does not discriminate against a book simply because it’s not from Barnes and Noble.
  • Free books at Google Books.  Related to the above, Steff says, “I’ve been reading almost exclusively free published books for the last 6 months!”
  • Everything that I said.  Steff also agrees with everything that I said above in my Top 10 list.  What a pal!

Special Steff Tip: “A great program to manage all your free Nook stuff—and convert some file types to others—is Calibre.  They are the only free-to-use service I have ever donated money to because I was so pleased with their product.”

A Book to Get

Blogging Book

This book is less than a dollar!

As long as I’m dragging one friend into this entry, what’s one more, right?  Adam W. Warner of WP Pro Business (that place I write articles for sometimes) has a couple of e-books up on Barnes and Noble’s website.  And one of them is only 99 cents!  I’ve read both of these books (and even contributed to one of them) and they’re both worth purchasing.  Check ‘em out HERE!


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2 responses to “Loving My Nook

  1. Zotz

    June 29, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    I’m with with you. Funny you should post this a day after I bought my first full e-book, “The Master Switch” (an excellent read so far, BTW). I finally decided to dive into the e-book revolution through the Kindle app on my Android phone. I read plenty of other matter on my phone, including news, op-eds, blogs, and more, so why not books? Except for highly-illustrated how-to’s and manuals, nearly all of my reading is fully-electronic.

    • littlezotz

      June 29, 2011 at 4:00 pm

      I’m reading On Writing by Stephen King this week. 🙂

      I was reluctant to jump on the e-book bandwagon at first too (and I still love “real” tangible books), but I adore my Nook (obviously!). It’s been SO useful.

      Anyway, thanks for reading, Mr. Zotz! Always a pleasure.


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