I VS. Me: A Pet Peeve

20 Apr

I’m not a “Grammar Nazi” per say, but I do have a pet peeve I’d like to discuss…

In grade school most of us were taught a couple of simple tricks to help us remember how to talk about ourselves and our friends:

  1. Always put your friend first
  2. To figure out if you’re to say “I” or “me,” simply remove your friend from the sentence and see which version still makes sense


Ramiro and I went to the store.

Ramiro and me went to the store.

Which is the right choice?

After removing my friend (Ramiro) from the sentence, the choice becomes clear:

I went to the store. (Correct)

Me went to the store. (Wrong)

Final Answer: Ramiro and I went to the store.

Pretty easy, right?

However, I’ve found that many people toss this rule aside when labeling their photographs!  It still applies!

Let me show you what I mean.  Here is a picture of my friend Paris and me:

Paris and me
Paris and me

Why do I say “Paris and me” and not “Paris and I?”  Simple.  Use the rule: Remove your friend.

Just Me


Here is a picture of I. (Wrong)

Here is a picture of me.  (Correct)

Add your friend back in and you get:  “Here is a picture of Paris and me.”

Paris and me: Part Deux
Paris and Me: Part Deux

I hope this has been helpful and that you remember it the next time you’re labeling your pictures!  Or that you pass this article along to that one friend who’s always driving you crazy by mislabeling his/her photos!  (We all have at least one).


PS: You could, of course, opt to use both of your real names, bypassing the “I VS. Me” problem entirely!  Just remember to put your friend first!  (Unless it’s a group photo in which case you’ll probably need to do the ol’ “From left to right…”)

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